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TNT EDM is a full service precision tool and die shop serving the medical, aerospace and automotive industries.

We offer tooling services, including: sinker-EDM, wire-EDM, five-axis machining, ID/OD grinding, hard milling, polishing and more.

Sinker EDM

TNT prides itself on unparalleled accuracy while holding exceptionally high tolerances. Our three Sinker EDM rooms allow for larger capacity and automation cells permit as many as ten machines to run independently with only one operator. This technology allows our machines to burn more efficiently and produce better surfaces to generate optimum finishes. Additionally, a central filtration system is employed to create conditions which enable faster machining times and a cleaner overall environment for precise surface finishes.

Wire EDM

The Wire EDM department is a showpiece for design and functionality. In each cell, one robot and its integrated carrousel are positioned between a pair of machines. The robot loads and unloads either machine from the closest side. Thus, the operator has complete access to the unobstructed worktables. With this unique design, limited operator time is required to run many machines simultaneously. It also provides ideal conditions for the complexity of most medical applications. With numerous Charmilles and Mitsubishi machines living in a mixed environment, TNT EDM can achieve maximum machining times and accuracy, depending on the materials being used. This flexibility creates quick turnaround times for both high- and low-volume customer requirements.

5 Axis Milling

Five-axis machining enables TNT to decrease set-up times, allowing greater flexibility for the complexities of medical and aerospace work. Due to our experience, speed and accuracy, jobs that were traditionally put on three and four-axis machines can be produced more efficiently on a five-axis machine, allowing great savings in fixturing and set up. As part of our automation cells, an integrated tooling system increases the speed of the machines and improves surface finishes. Additionally, the use of Cimatron E Software enhances TNT's five-axis production.

The Five Axis Benefit
Trunnion-style, five-axis machines allow us to manufacture parts from 1/2 inch in diameter up to 20 inches in diameter.

Graphite Machining

TNT is a leader in Graphite Machining technology. Our state-of-the-art department features Roku graphite milling centers equipped with Fanuc controls. With the use of sophisticated robots and System 3R tooling, TNT can reduce set-up times and operator input. By programming our integrated robot system, parts run unattended for lights-out manufacturing.


The metrology department relies on the renowned precision and reliability of Carl Zeiss CMMs to provide its customers with the highest level of quality assurance. These state-of-the-art machines, coupled with the latest measuring software available, provide detailed analysis of finished product and are also essential for our in-process product development to ensure that quality and accuracy remain a constant from start to finish.

Hard Milling

Our hard milling department features Yasda machines for exceptionally close tolerances in fine detail milling work. As opposed to standard milling seen in most other facilities, the Yasda machines routinely run hardened tool steels, as well as a variety of hard and exotic materials. With Cimatron and Unigraphics software, we have the capability to translate a wide variety of files, depending on customer requirements.

Benching and Polishing

Attention-to-detail is evident in all finished product at TNT. We work with the latest abrasives and most advanced finishing sciences to support all customer needs. From fine sand blasting to #1 micro finishes, TNT produces a finished look to adapt to the standards of medical, aerospace and other industries.

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